Lincoln Beach in Upper Burrell targeted for street paving

August 8, 2018
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Resurfacing roads in Upper Burrellճ Lincoln Beach section will take place next spring. Thursday August 2, 2018.

Resurfacing roads in Upper Burrell’s Lincoln Beach section apparently will take place next spring.

Township Engineer David Kerchner said the township has been allocated Community Development Block Grant money to do the work. However, he said, it is uncertain when the money, estimated at about $47,000, will be received by the township as the federal government’s release of such funds has become more erratic.

Another factor is the replacement of a bridge over Pucketa Creek that connects Lincoln Beach to Greensburg Road (Route 366).

Kerchner said Allegheny County officials contacted the township last month to notify them that they intend to replace the bridge and put a temporary span in place. Since that bridge connects to Lincoln Boulevard, one of the streets likely to be paved, Kerchner said the work will have to be coordinated.

“We don’t want to be stepping on each other, getting in each other’s way,” Kerchner said.

When Paul Romito, a Menk Road resident, asked if there will be enough money to take care of the roughly half-dozen roads in that area, Kerchner said the grant probably would not cover them all.

Romito suggested the supervisors look at allocating some of its own money to augment the grant and get all the roads paved at the same time.

Supervisor Pete Dombroski Jr. said there are no paving funds left in this year’s budget to do that. However, since Kerchner said the work likely will not occur until spring, the delay could give the supervisors the chance to work additional funds for the streets into next year’s budget.

Although Lincoln Beach is not densely populated, the work is badly needed, he said.

“They still need to be paved,” Kerchner said. “We’ll get as much done as we can.”

He estimated it has been 20 years since roads in Lincoln Beach were paved. He said, while seal-coating the streets with tar and chips would cover more roads, more extensive repairs may be needed.

“There’s a lot of base repairs that have to be done with some real asphalt,” Kerchner said.

Meanwhile, drainage work connected to the road repairs has taken place. On Thursday, supervisors approved final payment on two contracts for that work. Northridge Construction was approved for a payment of slightly less than $3,500 and Tim Fouse Excavation received a payment of $26,900 for its work on the road drainage.

Kerchner said that work was done through CDBG money received for fiscal years 2015 through 2017.

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