Drill helps Osmond hospital learn it’s ready for emergency

October 6, 2018

OSMOND — Walking into Osmond General Hospital just before 8:30 Tuesday morning, employees could sense an emergency was imminent.


It was on the calendar.

“Each year, Osmond General Hospital has to design and implement a full-scale emergency drill based upon our hazard vulnerability assessment,” said Lon Knievel, Osmond General’s chief executive officer. “For this year ... we simulated a minor explosion by the time clock that resulted in a fire and considerable black smoke.”

But just like every morning, drill or not, the staff was prepared.

In the simulation, the fire was unable to be contained by extinguishers, forcing a facility-wide evacuation.

Staff removed hospital residents and faux-patients including a mannequin and simulated a shutdown of its CT scanner. An actor portrayed an individual with an injury and was rescued by Osmond Fire and transported by Osmond EMS.

Participating organizations included Osmond Emergency Medical Services, Osmond Fire and Rescue and Osmond Police.

“This is a crucial and collaborating effort for all those who would be involved in a real-life emergency scenario. And while we may not be able to predict when and what those may be, we can be prepared for a variety of possibilities,” Knievel said after the exercise. “Today, we showed we’re ready.”

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