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Two Skinheads and Bartender Go on Trial in Fatal Attack

January 20, 1994

WUPPERTAL, Germany (AP) _ Two skinheads and a bartender went on trial for murder today in the beating and burning of a bar patron that allegedly began when the bartender shouted, ″Maybe he’s a Jew 3/8″

Andreas Wember and Michael Senf are accused of attacking the victim at a bar in Wuppertal, a town near the Dutch border, on Nov. 13, 1992. The bartender, Marian Glensk, allegedly incited the two skinheads and let them use his car to carry away the victim.

Prosecutors said the two skinheads got into an argument with the victim, identified only as Karl-Hans R., during a drinking match.

Glensk then yelled, ″Maybe he’s a Jew 3/8″ prosecutors said. The two skinheads allegedly pushed the victim off his stool, kicked him in the ribs, poured schnapps on him and set him on fire.

According to the indictment, the two skinheads borrowed Glensk’s car to drive the victim into the Netherlands, where they dumped his body. The victim, who was not Jewish, died of internal injuries during the drive.

Prosecutors said Glensk, 32, should have stopped the younger men from attacking the victim.

Neo-Nazi violence has killed at least 30 people since Germany’s reunification in 1990.

At the time of the attack, Wember, 26, was a member of the Nationalistic Front, a neo-Nazi group that is now banned, prosecutors said.

In court today, Senf, 20, tried to blame Wember for his own turn to right- wing extremism, saying that ″he had a very strong influence on me.″

If convicted, Wember and Glensk face a maximum sentence of life in prison. Senf likely will be considered a juvenile offender, meaning he could get a maximum 10 years in prison if convicted.

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