Sounding off: Tax dollars and Trump’s lies

November 27, 2018

I’ve been watching my taxpayer dollars squandered as Trump flies city to city hoping to win votes for the midterms with a series of outrageous lies. I haven’t seen any coverage addressing this in the Tribune-Review, so I’m writing to point out the most egregious examples of dishonesty that citizens in our area should consider when heading to the polls.

First, Trump and many other Republicans claim they will protect insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. I hope readers are aware that 17 Republican governors have joined a lawsuit to invalidate the requirement for coverage for pre-existing coverage.

Trump claims the GOP won’t touch Medicare or Social Security, yet Mitch McConnell has said, on several recent occasions, that the GOP goal after midterms is to cut Medicare, Social Security, and insurance subsidies mandated under Obamacare in order to recoup some of the $978 billion (this year!) deficit that resulted from their recent tax cut, which benefits families in the top 1 percent and corporations far more than it benefits ordinary Americans.

Finally, there are no known “middle Eastern terrorists” in the migrant caravan slowly making its way to our border. It is composed primarily of women and children seeking asylum from violence, which is in part due to U.S. policies and interventions in the region. This assault on truth is a GOP ploy to energize their base.

Karen Shackelford, Hempfield

Lost principles and lack of respect

In light of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, I have found myself reflecting on the principles of our Founders.

First, a quote from James Madison, in a 1778 address to the Virginia General Assembly: “We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments of God.”

Second, from our Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

The reason our Founders fashioned the Constitution the way they did to limit the power of government is they believed that a society that lived according to the principles of the Ten Commandments did not need a government that ordered every action of their lives.

Today, in rejecting the moral authority of God, we have reinstituted what the Founders absolutely rejected, a hierarchy of men. The result is our lack of respect for others who have an opinion that differs from ours and a resulting inability to sit down and discuss our differences in a civil manner.

If we would remember the equality of all mankind as stated in the Declaration of Independence, then we could recognize each other as equals and air our differences without feeling the need to destroy one another.

David King, Hempfield

Lamb is a sheep

Conor Lamb is a sheep in Nancy Pelosi’s clothing. As the Dims herded Lamb into Pelosi’s pen earlier this year, Lamb quickly followed Pelosi’s lead to become a full-fledged “resist and obstruct,” do-nothing Dim. He watched how Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer screw over the non-elitists, and quickly applied these techniques to vulnerable Western Pennsylvania “subjects.”

We can’t let this lemming have any future opportunities to shepherd us toward his and their “resist and obstruct” criminal behavior. Sleepy Sen. Bob Casey probably also primed him on how to collect money while doing nothing.

We must vote for Keith Rothfus for Congress in the 17th District. This will keep the district great and above the Dims’ “resist and obstruct” vitriol. We don’t need a Lamb in Pelosi’s clothing to “resist and obstruct” any of our constitutional rights and privileges.

Vote for Rothfus to assure that we can aspire to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” without having the ”(Lamb’s) wool pulled over our eyes.”

Donald Panian, Murrysville

Won’t vote for liberals

Now that the liberals made fools of themselves during the nomination process for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, maybe we should check the high-school yearbooks of the liberal senators to see if they are qualified to hold office. To show my dissatisfaction, all I can do is vote against the local liberals running for office.

Since I am a family-values voter. I don’t knowingly vote for politicians who promote abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and government funding of Planned Parenthood. That pretty much eliminates most Democrats.

Bob Casey Jr. is probably the worst senator Pennsylvania has ever had. He has accomplished nothing noteworthy since being elected. The time has come to boot him out of office.

To reduce our national debt, we should consider a reduction of federal government. We could probably be more effective with a smaller Congress and adoption of term limits.

On Oct. 1 I got a flat tire on Route 28 while driving to the VA facility in Fox Chapel. As traffic sped past, one kind gentleman stopped, changed my tire and refused compensation. He thanked me for my military service. I didn’t get this good Samaritan’s name. If he reads this, I wish he would contact me so that I can do something nice for him.

Rudy Gagliardi, Arnold

Absurd to say Trump is anti-Semitic

There’s a lot of news regarding the evil actions of a person who, it seems, is permeated by festering hate. It’s sad. Also sad are the actions of people who desire to weaponize such evil actions. Check the media sources and observe the biased reporting. Listen carefully to some of the oxymoronic pronouncements made by self-anointed pseudo-experts.

Donald Trump has been accused of being anti-Semitic. It’s absurd. How many of his accusers can enjoy a daughter and son-in-law that are adherents of Judaism? How many of his accusers have a grandchild being reared in adherence to the tenets passed down by Moses, recorded by Leviticus and elucidated by Maimonides? Think about the power of a quote attributed to Maimonides: “I will destroy my enemies by converting them to friends.”

It’s oxymoronic to state that you are a Jewish leader who objects to Trump’s expression of sympathy and support. Throughout history, many positive advances in science, medicine and humanitarianism have been made by students of Maimonides’ teachings. Could it be that without the obstruction of vengeance you can focus your knowledge and energy on constructive contributions?

Joseph G. Cremonese, Hempfield

Trump’s words make a difference

Whether President Trump takes responsibility or not, most people believe that his words emboldened the Kentucky and Pittsburgh murderers and the would-be pipe-bomb murderer.

I am pleased with how Pittsburgh has shown its solidarity. I don’t want Trump anywhere near our city. The hate he spews hate toward the masses can push the mentally ill over the edge and allow those in the dark underground to rise up and feel validated.

Hate groups feel they have the right to verbally and physically assault Jewish people, black people, Hispanic people and immigrants. Hispanic people are being berated for speaking Spanish or just being Hispanic. And now, black and Jewish people have been murdered for just being who they are.

The only human beings who are indigenous to America are Native Americans. The rest of us are immigrants.

I still have hope, but I am also extremely vigilant and aware that my life and the lives of my children, husband and grandchildren could be in danger due to the country’s toxic climate, to which our president contributes.

Prayers to all the families suffering because their loved ones have been taken away senselessly.

Robin Hammonds, Manchester

Trump may be greatest president

Once you get past his crazy tweeting, you’ll find out Trump is doing a wonderful job. I’m an independent, so I look at things from a real view — not as a crybaby Democrat or Republican who is afraid the swamp will be drained.

Trump got our hostages returned from North Korea without paying a ransom, unlike you-know-who. Trump, for the first time in 65 years, had North Korea return the remains of our fallen heroes. He is the first sitting president to ever meet face to face with a leader from North Korea. It may save us all.

On June 6, Trump signed the VA Mission Act to provide money, care and training for veterans’ caregivers; before, only caregivers of veterans who served after Sept. 11, 2001 got these benefits. He is making it easier for vets to see civilian doctors, too. I know of three vets who were misdiagnosed and could have died if they did not have access to civilian doctors.

Under Trump, unemployment is at its lowest level since the 1960s. All I hear is Trump and Russia. Didn’t Putin save Obama when he drew his “red line”? Didn’t Obama tell former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that, if he was re-elected, he would “have more flexibility”? Did Putin, the incoming president, help him?

Trump was not born a politician. That is one of the many things I like about him — no more talking in circles and saying nothing. He may end up as the greatest president we’ve ever had. But some will never give him credit.

Calvin Fatchet, Freeport

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