Mohave County Board of Supervisors to review social media policies

August 20, 2018

Supervisor Buster Johnson wants a status update on Mohave County’s social media policies.

Johnson is proposing a measure that would direct county staff to create guidelines about what can and cannot be posted on social media platforms operated by various county departments. The measure will go before the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Monday for discussion and possible action.

“We have a little policy but it hasn’t kept up with the times,” he said. “We just need to make sure that we get something in there so that everybody knows what the rules are and somebody is responsible for the content that goes on there because, right now, anybody can put stuff up because so many different departments have Facebook pages or web pages and that sort of thing.”

When asked if any specific incidents prompted his proposal, Johnson said he would “hold off on that until Monday.”

“(County) web pages should be, basically, what our jobs are and the things we do, not get into politics or anything else like that,” he stated.

The county’s current social media policy – which applies to all county employees both during and after hours through the county or personal resources – states:

• The use of social media for official county business must be approved by department heads or elected officials and then coordinated with the county’s Information Technology Director.

• Social media use is prohibited during working hours.

• Personal statements, opinions or beliefs on social media cannot be presented as official statements of the county without approval.

• The disclosure of confidential or sensitive information through social media is prohibited.

• The material on social media that would constitute harassment, hate speech or libel is prohibited.

“I’ll be looking forward to his (Johnson’s) presentation to see what he’s got in mind,” said District I Supervisor Gary Watson about the measure.

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