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Xerox Introduces Second Generation Color Copier

November 26, 1986

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ Xerox Corp. officials, saying they believe the use of color in the business world ″has really come of age,″ on Tuesday unveiled a new full-color copier to take advantage of that market.

The 1005, which will be available in major cities in the Northeast next February, will hit the market at a time when more and more computer-generat ed charts, graphs and artwork are popping up in offices around the country.

In 1973, Xerox came out with its first color copier, the 6500, which the company has since stopped selling because of lack of interest. About 2,000 machines were sold, company officials said.

While that machine was slightly ahead of its time, ″the 1005 is just in time to capitalize on demand,″ said Curt Stiles, president of Xerox Reproduction Centers.

The Xerox 1005 can make five copies a minute and can reduce or enlarge such things as computer-generated charts and graphs, artwork or color photos. The copier is made in Japan by Xerox subsidiary Fuji Xerox and has been sold in that country for several months.

Stiles said the quality of the new machine was better than the earlier one, and the new machine had more features.

The 1005 will sell for $38,900 and should be available in major metropolitan areas in the Northeast in February.

Interest in color copiers has picked up in the past couple of years, according to Mary Lou Demers, a research analyst with Dataquest Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based research group for High Tech industries.

She said of the four color copiers being sold in the United States, two were introduced this year, and it appears that several more will be introduced in 1987.

″We’re projecting that color copier sales will increase over 100 percent each year from 1986 to 1990,″ Demers said. ″It’s really folllowing on the enormous increase of the use of color in business.″

Canon is selling two color copiers, including the NP-Color T which costs $52,000 and uses a photographic process.

Sharp introduced the CX-5000 this summer. It uses a thermal transfer process and sells for $10,995, Demers said.

Two European companies, Ilford and KIS, also have color copiers in the United States.

Demers said Ricoh, Toshiba and Konica Business Machines are selling color copiers in Japan, and were expected to bring them to the United States soon.

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