Candidate values

October 11, 2018

During an election year people are often asked if they will vote for Republican or Democratic candidates as party affiliation generally reflects candidate values. Before I vote this year, my decision will be based on the character of the candidate.

I want elected officials who will promptly step up and speak out against injustices. Elected officials should take the lead in setting standards of decency and respectability in our society.

Recently Marv Hagedorn, a former Idaho legislator who holds a government appointed position, publicly made a crude joke about a sexual assault survivor. Mr. Hagedorn’s weak apology smacked of being sorry only because he was caught.

How can Mr. Hagedorn execute his duties as VA Administrator in an unbiased manner? Two hours of Human Resource training isn’t going to change who he is. To date, none of the Idaho Republican elected officials have publicly rebuked him.

I want elected officials who will immediately denounce such behavior. I want elected officials who will stand up to bullies including bullies from Washington DC. The US President sets the tone of civility in our nation.

The current president continually makes offensive remarks about women, people of color and other countries. I want elected officials who stand up and speak out against insults and ridicule. I want elected officials who will keep Idaho a safe place for all residents not just those of privilege.

Judy Gillies,


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