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Cloned Sheep Gives Birth

April 23, 1998

EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) _ Dolly, the cloned sheep, has given birth, scientists announced Thursday.

Dolly’s lamb, a healthy female named Bonnie, was born April 13 in a normal delivery, according to the Roslin Institute, where Dolly was cloned.

It said both she and the little lamb were ``in good health.″

``We are delighted,″ said Graham Bulfield, the institute’s director. ``Despite Dolly’s unusual origins, the birth of her lamb confirms that she is able to breed normally and produce healthy offspring.″

In a history-making announcement in February last year, the institute said it had cloned Dolly from the cell of another sheep’s udder.

Dolly, a Finn Dorest sheep who is now nearly 2 years old, was mated naturally, and was kept in partial quarantine since becoming pregnant for fear of a miscarriage, the institute said.

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