Spokane’s Michael Glatzmaier to record album at Spokane Comedy Club

March 18, 2019

When he chatted with the Spokesman-Review in February 2018, Spokane comedian Michael Glatzmaier was promoting a show at the Spokane Comedy Club that he was recording for a new album.

Just over a year later, Glatzmaier is at it again. The comedian will record his new album during his Sunday show at the comedy club.

Although he often incorporates written material into his sets, Glatzmaier has become known for his ability to improvise comedic songs based on audience suggestions.

Each song’s genre is improvised too. Glatzmaier always plays acoustic guitar, but he’s performed everything from country to rap and once improvised a song that included yodeling.

Come prepared with your best suggestions, as the success of the show largely depends on the topics Glatzmaier receives.

“To have a playful show, you have to have playful suggestions,” he said.