Pet of the Week: Nov. 7, 2018

November 7, 2018

Name: Maggie (racing name was Silver Magnet)

Age: 11 years

My People and Place of Residence: Ben and Cyndi Hayward, of Kankakee

A Little Bit about Me: I’m a retired racer, and I love retirement! I was born at a track, and I would’ve died at the track after my injuries. But thanks to a kind vet and Midwest Greyhounds of Sugar Grove, I was able to meet my humans and move into my first (and “fur”-ever) home. My days are filled with napping, laying in the sun, begging for treats, nuzzling for attention, some more napping and begging for more treats.

Favorite Treats: Ice cream, cheese, lettuce and carrots

If I Could Speak: Do something everyday to make humans smile. It will be the best moment of their day and yours.

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