Mad At Starbucks....Again

November 9, 2018

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without people getting mad at Starbucks over their cups.

But at least this time, it’s not for some made-up War on Christmas reason. No . . . it’s outrage over FREE STUFF.

Starbucks kicked off the season last Friday by giving out FREE reusable red cups to people . . . and anyone with one of those cups would get 50 cents off of holiday drinks for the rest of the year.

But apparently, most of their stores didn’t have anywhere CLOSE to enough . . . and a lot of stores gave them all away within minutes of opening up.

So now people are upset they didn’t get their free reusable cups, and they’ve been complaining on social media about it.

And Starbucks’ answer . . . um . . . isn’t amazing. They’re letting everyone know that even if they didn’t get the cups, they can still BUY them for $2.50 at the stores . . . where they’ve miraculously been restocked.

( Eater )

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