Cartwright’s Obsession With Chrin’s Residency

September 5, 2018

Editor: U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright’s obsession with Republican challenger John Chrin’s residency is an effort to mask his record. As the race for Congress in the 8th congressional district heats up, I’ve seen continued attempts by Cartwright to paint John Chrin as not from here but from New Jersey. John Chrin was born, raised and educated here in Pennsylvania. John lives in Barrett Twp. in Monroe County. He shares our Northeast Pennsylvania values of perseverance, hard work, and integrity, which shouldn’t be surprising, given his working-class roots. Cartwright is hoping that his latest obsession with Chrin’s residency detracts from his unpopular past support for unaffordable health care policies, higher taxes and sanctuary cities. Don’t be fooled by Cartwright’s effort to mask this record. Cartwright has a long history of voting against the interests of his constituents in favor of special interests and Nancy Pelosi. We need someone in Congress who will stand up for the workers and small businesses of Northeast Pennsylvania. Not another out-of-touch Washington politician. T. Lynette Villano WEST PITTSTON

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