“Elephant watch:” Heavy snow on the way

January 17, 2019

On Wednesday at the Fort Wayne Farm Show, meteorologist Ryan Martin called it “the elephant in the room.” 

Now, it’s more like the elephant on the doorstep. 

Martin of Hoosier Ag Today, at the show to present a long-term forecast for the this year’s growing season, was referring to a winter snowstorm predicted to hit northeastern Indiana sometime late Friday. 

“Some things on social media are saying we’re going to get 19 inches. That ain’t gonna happen,” he said to laughter from his audience. 

But the National Weather Service today was predicting 3 to 6 inches of snow for the Fort Wayne area from an all-day snowstorm Saturday -- along with winds gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour that will likely make for difficult travel from blowing and drifting snow. 

“The heaviest and most intense snow will be during the day Saturday,” said Geoffrey Heidelberger, meteorologist with the weather service’s Northern Indiana office outside Syracuse. 

He said the track of the storm was still under study, but it’s likely the heavier amounts will be in and just to the south and east of Fort Wayne. 

The storm comes on the heels of today’s snow, which had dropped around an inch of snow in the Fort Wayne area by noon, Heidelberger said. 


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