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Bush Names Cheney As Running Mate

July 25, 2000

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ Texas Gov. George W. Bush introduced his running mate Dick Cheney to a cheering crowd of supporters Tuesday, calling him an ``outstanding individual who is capable of serving″ as vice president.

Turning to the man who headed his three-month search process, Bush said, ``I was impressed by his thoughtfulness and the way he approached his mission and, gradually, I realized the person who was best qualified to be my vice president was working by my side.″

``I saw first hand Dick Cheney’s outstanding judgment,″ Bush said, urging delegates to nominate the former defense secretary.

With a pom-pom waving crowd shouting, ``Cheney! Cheney″ the former Pentagon chief said he never expected to land the job he had been helping Bush to fill.

``I enthusiastically accept the challenge for this reason: I believe you have the vision and the courage to be a great president,″ Cheney said.

Said Bush: ``I picked him because he is fully capable of being president of the United States and I picked him because he will be a valuable partner.″

Thus Bush’s three-month search for a running mate ended where it began, with the 59-year-old Cheney.

Cheney brings the ticket a wealth of foreign policy experience and political stature _ traits that Bush, a two-term Texas governor, lacks himself. He is a link between Bush and his father, former President Bush, who put Cheney in his Cabinet and promoted him for his son’s ticket.

After promising an ``electrifying″ choice, Bush took the safe route: Cheney is a rock-solid conservative who poses little or no political risk. Bolder choices were available, including abortion-rights Govs. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and George Pataki of New York.

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