Family-owned diner opens in Wayne

September 20, 2018

WAYNE — After leaving the industry nearly a decade ago, Laura and Eddie Napier have reentered the restaurant game with their ‘White House Diner’ located adjacent from the Wayne County Courthouse at 712 Hendricks Street in Wayne.

The Napiers, who previously owned a diner on the opposite end of town, were recently talked into opening a new restaurant by their daughter Melissa Kennedy. White House Diner, which opened on Sept. 4, features a full menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.

When Laura and Eddie left the restaurant business, they didn’t ever think they would ever open another diner. In fact, there was very little desire and interest. However, when the opportunity arose, Laura Napier saw the benefit of a family-owned diner not for personal gain but family value.

“It’s a hard job with long hours. You have to be willing to put all the time into it,” Napier said. “What makes this one nice is that this one is all family. We employed about twenty people last time but this time it all basically family and we’re pretty much together all the time now.”

The new digs stand out from other diners in the area because the family-owned factor.

“We used to own the ‘Family Restaurant’ from 2002 to about 2008. Once we closed it, we got out of the restaurant business and my daughter kind of talked my husband and I back into it,” Napier said. “It’s nice though because there hasn’t been a family diner in Wayne for a while so we decided to open one up.”

White House Diner is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The locally owned restaurant will be closed to the public on Saturday’s as the family prepares for the coming week.

“We are a family business and it takes a lot of prep to get ready for Sunday and the following week,” Napier said. “So we finally decided to close on Saturdays to give us that time to get everything ready. Our menu isn’t quite as big as the last (restaurant’s) was, but we still have quite a few good options.”

The diner has indoor and outdoor seating options, including a spacious lounge area behind the building which is available for private party rentals.

After working out all the x’s and o’s, the Napier’s were excited to be back in business. Located just across the street from one of the busiest buildings in town, Napier said locals have taken to the diner nicely. It’s a special time for the family because, after all, Napier roots run deep in Wayne.

“My husband grew up in this town so he knows plenty of people in this area and I’ve been in the community for many years and my kids grew up in this area. It’s our home. It’s our family,” Napier said. “There have been several people come in that we know and say they are glad to have us back. Its really rewarding to know that people are glad that you’re back to serve them.”

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