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Kentucky Fried Chicken Plans to Expand to Other Chinese Cities With AM-China-McDonald’s

April 22, 1992

BEIJING (AP) _ Kentucky Fried Chicken, the first Western fast-food chain in China, plans to open more restaurants in other cities following its success in Beijing and Shanghai, an official report said Wednesday.

The announcement came one day before McDonald’s was scheduled to open its first restaurant in Beijing. McDonald’s opened its first China outlet two years ago in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is owned by Pepsico Inc., opened its first outlet in Beijing in 1987 and quickly expanded to four in the capital. It also has two restaurants in Shanghai. A previous Chinese report said the company plans to expand to 10 outlets in Shanghai, China’s most populous city.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s first Beijing restaurant, the world’s largest, has 700 seats. It serves 40,000 people each week, company spokesman Richard M. Detwiler was quoted by the official Xinhua New Agency as saying.

The agency quoted Detwiler as saying the company plans to open more outlets in other Chinese cities, but the report did not elaborate.

Other Western fast-food outlets in Beijing include three Pizza Hut restaurants, a Dairy Queen and a Carl’s Jr.

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