Kurt Krueger: Questions about pollution statements

February 3, 2019

Editor: I would like to respond to a letter in your Feb. 2 edition about the mercury pollution. The author states that President Trump’s EPA has proposed rollbacks of mercury pollution safeguards known as MATS. He also states that “thousands of lives have been saved and hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks have been prevented because mercury emissions have been more strictly regulated”. And, “numerous bodies of water in Arizona have been saved from contamination”. We also know that the author is a member of Defend Our Future, an organization at ASU.

Well, I have a few questions. First of all, where did this information come from? There is no source mentioned as to where this data came from. We also don’t know who the polluters are and how they are polluting? I am quite familiar with petro-chemical processes. Have these processes improved to the point that these mercury emission standards are obsolete? If anybody, ANYBODY, on this planet has improved pollution emissions it’s the United States. We have no control over China, Russia, India, or anybody else. So, again, who is doing the polluting and how are they doing it?

When it comes to “thousands of lives have been saved”, how do we know that? Where are the medical publications that support that? What about the bodies of water in Arizona that have been saved from contamination, where’s the data to back that up? And, who is this Defend Our Future group in ASU? College students that haven’t graduated? I’m not saying what was said is not true, I’m saying there’s no information to back it up in order to draw a conclusion. Opinions won’t get you through a court of law, facts will. Just sayin’.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City

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