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DNA Test Confirms Baby Switch

September 1, 1998

BUENA VISTA, Va. (AP) _ A DNA test confirmed that the second of two babies who were apparently switched at the University of Virginia’s hospital three years ago was sent home with the wrong parents, a lawyer said today.

The test results confirmed that Callie Marie Conley of Ruckersville is the biological daughter of Kevin Chittum and Whitney Rogers.

A test two weeks ago confirmed that the other child, Rebecca Chittum, is the biological daughter of Paula Johnson, who has raised Callie since birth.

Now that both halves of the test are complete, ``the switching incident at the University of Virginia hospital has been confirmed,″ said a statement released by Michael Irvine, a lawyer for Kevin Chittum’s parents.

Chittum and Ms. Rogers, the couple who raised Rebecca, died in a car crash on July 4, the day after Ms. Johnson learned through court-ordered genetic testing that Callie was not her biological child.

Rebecca is now being raised by Whitney Rogers’ parents, Tommy and Brenda Rogers.

The families of both girls have said they would wait to discuss custody arrangements until after the testing was complete. Both families have said they want Callie and Rebecca to stay with the families that raised them, and each has suggested liberal visitation rights for both sides.

The test results confirmed what officials at the hospital have suspected since July.

A blood test that month indicated that Callie was not Ms. Johnson’s biological daughter. Ms. Johnson contacted the University of Virginia, where the babies were born. Discrepancies in the hospital’s records of Rebecca’s birth weight and blood type convinced hospital officials that she was probably involved in the baby switch.

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