Perspectives on recent news

May 2, 2019

Editor, Daily Times:

I have not written in for awhile so here are a few random thoughts. Why is the front page of the Times being used to air grievances between the Dodge County sheriff and his predecessor? Seems like this is an internal problem and that the column space could be put to better use.

I’ve read a lot lately about the attempts of various civic groups to beautify the city so here’s my idea. Take down the speed limit signs. They are not enforced and hardly anyone obeys them anyway. I frequently see people driving 10-20 mph over the limit even within the city. So remove them and let us look at some of the other scenery before the next vehicle whizzes by.

As far as the recently proposed Windwood development goes, apparently the progressive idea of bringing new businesses to town stops when anyone complains that they might impact their property values.

Buyer beware! How many times have we all heard that statement lately? Usually it is associated with an out of town scam or robo-call. Unfortunately there is at least one local business that we also need to be aware of. After being ripped off I thought that the Watertown Chamber might want to be advised of the problem especially since the aforementioned business is a member and the owners are ambassadors. But I was told that they would do nothing since I guess they didn’t want to offend anyone. Apparently their evanescent authority only extends to promoting their own self-interest, an opinion which has been echoed to me by many ex-chamber members. So please take caution before consigning any of your valuables to someone who will steal them or sell them for next to nothing.

Horsey keep your tail up.

Terry Rupnow