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Where Candidates Stand on Trade

November 20, 1999

Where the presidential candidates stand on trade and the U.S. role abroad:


APPLES: VL 1/2 bu Lodi/Red del 10.00

BEANS: F bucrts Butterbeans 15.00-18.00

BEETS: F dz buchs 12.00-13.00

25 lb flmbg 8.00-10.00

BLUEBERRIES: VL flts 15.00

CANTALOUPS: M per melon Xlge/lge .75-.80

Sml/Med .50-.60

CORN: VL 5 dz sks White 13.00

Yellow/Bi-color 13.00

CUCUMBERS: L bucrts Slicing type sml 12.00-14.00

Med 10.00-12.00

Pickle type 200-300s 16.00-20.00

150-200 s 12.00-14.00

EGGPLANT: F 1/2 bu 5.00-7.00

1-1/9 buctns 8.00-10.00

1/2 bu Italian/Neon type 7.00

FIGS: VL 12-1 pt flts 12.00

GREENS: M dz bchs Collards/Turnips/Mustard12.00-13.00

bu lse Mustard/Turnip Salad 8.00-10.00

HONEYDEWS: F per melon Xlge/lge .70

NECTRAINES: VL 1/2 bu 14.00

OKRA: F 1/2 bu Sml 15.00-20.00

Med 12.00-15.00

ONIONS, GREEN: F 2 dz bchs 6.00

4 dz bchs 10.00

PEACHES: M 1/2 bu Yellow Flesh 9.00-12.00

White Flesh 12.00

ctns Yellow Flesh 8.00

PEANUTS: VL buctns Green type 32.00

PEAS,OTHERS: L buctns Crowder 15.00-17.00

Dixie Lee 16.00

Purple Hull 12.00-17.00

Pinkeye 15.00-17.00

Zipper 17.00

PECANS: VL 50 lb sks Stuarts 38.00-40.00

Sumners 60.00

PEPPERS,BELL TYPE:L buctns Green xlge 14.00

Med/lge 12.00

Red type lge 20.00

PEPPERS,OTHERS: L 1/2 bu Banana type 10.00-12.00

Finger Hot 14.00

Cubanelle/Long Hot 7.00-10.00

Habenero 20.00

Jalapeno 8.00-12.00

1-1/9 bu Banana 16.00

Cubanelle 12.00-13.00

Jalapeno 15.00-20.00

SQUASH: L 3/4 buctns Yellow Crockneck sml 12.00-15.00

Med 8.00-10.00

1/2 buctns Zucchini sml 8.00-10.00

Med 8.00

Scallop type 7.00-8.00

SWEET POTATOES: VL buctns Good qual 12.00

Fair qual 10.00

Jumbo 12.00

Red type 15.00

TOMATILLOS: VL crts 22.00

TOMATOES: F 25 lb ctns Vine Ripe Turning Red

Lge 10.00-12.00

Med 10.00-11.00

Red type 7.00-10.00

TOMATOES,PLUM: F 25 lb ctns Roma type 11.00

WATERMELONS: M Various Red Meat Varieties

16-24 lb avg 1.00-1.50

26-30 lb avg 1.25-2.00

30-34 lb avg 2.00-3.25

Seedless sml 1.00-2.00

Ice-box type 1.00-1.25


APPLES F tray pack (west) Red del 16.00

Gold del 22.00

Fuji 25.00

Granny Smith 19.00

AVOCADOS F ctns 60 s 44.00

BANANAS: F 40 lb ctns Green 10.00-12.50

BEANS: F bucrts Butter Beans 16.00-18.00

Round Green 13.00-15.00

Pole type 18.00

BROCCOLI: F ctns bchd 14 s 11.50-13.00

Florettes 15.00

CABBAGE: L 40 lb ctn Green med 12.00-13.00

Red type 12.00

CANTALOUPS: F per melon Lge 1.00

bins 115.00

CARROTS: VL sks flmbgs 1-2 lb 12.00

Mini type 16.00

CUCUMBERS: F bucrts Slicing type sml 12.00

Pickle type 200-300s 18.00

EGGPLANT: VL 1-1/9 buctns 10.00

GRAPES: F 19 lb lugs Red/White seedless 16.00-22.00

Red Globe 19.00

VL 20 lb lugs Muscadines White sml 22.00

Lge 28.00

GREENS: F 25 lb flmbgs Turnip Roots 9.00

HONEYDEWS: VL ctns 8 s 11.00

KIWI: VL flts 48 s 11.00-12.00

LETTUCE: F ctns 24 s Naked 12.00

Wrapped 12.00-14.00

Romaine 12.50

MANGOES: F ctns 5.00-6.00

NECTRINES: VL 25 lb ctns 13.00

OKRA: F 1/2 bu Sml/med 12.00

ONIONS,DRY: L 50 lb sks Yellow super col 14.00

Col 11.00

Jbo 10.00

Med 9.00-10.00

16/3 lb Med 12.00-14.00

25 lb sks Red Jbo 13.00

50 lb sks White Jbo 16.00-18.00

VL (Vidalia Distict Georgia)

50 lb sks Jbo 27.00

25 lb sks Jbo 14.00

10-5 lb sks Jbo 30.00

5-10 lb sks Jbo 29.00

PEANUTS: F 50 lb sks Dry 36.00-38.00

bucrts Green type 31.00-32.00

PEARS: F 4/5 buctns Bosc 14.00

D’Anjou 21.00

PEAS: F bucrts Pinkeye 15.00-17.00

Purple Hull 17.00

White Acre 16.00-18.00

Zipper/Dixie Lee 17.00

PEPPERS,BELL TYPE:F 1-1/9 buctn Green type xlge 12.00-14.00

Lge 10.00

PEPPERS,OTHERS: F 1/2 bu Jalapeno 9.00-12.00

Banana type 11.00-12.00

Long Hot 12.00

1-1/9 bu Poblano 18.00-22.00

Jalapeno 15.00-18.00

PINEAPPLE: F ctns 19.00

PLUMS: F ctns Red type 18.00

POTATOES: L 50 lb sks Red A type 13.00

Red B type 15.00-20.00

White A type 9.00-13.00

White B type 13.00

F 50 lbs ctns 60 s/70 s 20.00-23.00

80 s/90 s 23.00

Chefs 16.00

RADISHES: VL 30-6 oz 10.00

RUTABAGAS: F ctns 11.00

SWEET POTATOES: F 40 lb ctns Good qual 10.00-14.00

Fair qual 7.00-10.00

Jumbo 8.00

TOMATOES: 25 lb ctns Vine Ripe Turning Red

Xlge & larger 10.00-14.00

Med & Lge 7.00-12.00

Red type 10.00-12.00

TOMATOES,CHER: F 12-1 pt flts Grape type 9.50

TOMATOES,PLUM: F 25 lb ctns Roma type 9.00-12.00

WATERMELONS: VL per melon Various Red Meat Varieties

Ice-box type 2.00

Seedless 2.00-3.00

Yellow flesh 2.50-2.75


GRAPEFRUIT: VL ctns 10.00-12.00

LEMONS: F ctns All sizes 18.00-22.00

LIMES: F ctns 48 s/56 s 10.00

200 s 10.00-12.00

ORANGES: F ctns All sizes 13.00-15.00

Snapshot: The U.S. trade deficit is running at an annual rate of $256 billion, up from a record $164 billion last year. The September trade deficit with China, $6.9 billion, was the worst imbalance the United States has had with any country. Under a new deal, Washington would support China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in return for greater access to the Chinese market.


Bill Bradley: Supports China’s entry into WTO. Supports North American Free Trade Agreement and world trade agreement.

Vice President Al Gore: Supports NAFTA, world trade agreement and further liberalized trade. Says Clinton administration will do more to see that trade agreements don’t hurt the environment.


Pat Buchanan: Opposes WTO membership for China, and China’s and Japan’s access to U.S. market. Opposes NAFTA; would raise trade barriers and tariffs.


Gary Bauer: Opposes China’s entry into WTO.

Gov. George W. Bush: Favors China’s entry into WTO. Supports NAFTA, world trade agreement and further liberalized trade.

Steve Forbes: Opposes China’s entry into WTO _ would admit Taiwan. Supports NAFTA, freer trade generally, and would offer free-trade agreements to Britain and Ireland.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Favors China’s entry into WTO.

Alan Keyes: Calls free-trade agreements ``socialist.″

Sen. John McCain: Favors China’s entry into WTO. Supports NAFTA and would seek free-trade agreements with many more countries.



Bradley: U.S. should depend more on international organizations to respond to ethnic conflicts. Five countries are the most important to U.S. interests: China, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Russia.

Gore: Unspecified extra spending on foreign affairs. U.S. should show willingness to ``use our strength _ to lead the world toward what is right and just.″


Buchanan: End foreign aid, except for natural disasters. ``I intend to isolate America from all the bloody territorial, tribal and ethnic wars.″ NATO campaign for Kosovo was ``illegal war on Serbia.″ Would withdraw U.S. from unspecified ``international organizations that imperil our financial stability and economic independence.″


Bauer: Defeat ``isolationist voices.″ ``America is called to use its power abroad.″ Abolish International Monetary Fund.

Bush: Isolationism and trade protectionism are a ``shortcut to chaos, an approach that abandons our allies and our ideals. The vacuum left by America’s retreat would invite challenges to our power.″ Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Keep sanctions on Cuba. Make aid to Russia conditional on its cessation of civilian killings in Chechnya.

Forbes: Goals include ``free markets, free elections and freedom to worship around the globe.″ Abolish IMF. European Union is ``misguided global institution.″

Hatch: No U.S. involvement in foreign struggles for independence. Backs IMF.

Keyes: Former U.S. diplomat at United Nations calls the international body ``source of pernicious and dangerously naive globalist dreams.″

McCain: ``Despite the isolationist views of a distinct minority, we have every intention of continuing to use our primacy in world affairs for humanity’s benefit.″ U.S. should support forces trying to overthrow regimes in Iraq, North Korea and other ``rogue″ states, and use IMF influence to press Russia to settle with Chechnya. U.N. cannot hold ``leading responsibility for international stability, freedom and justice.″

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