RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A bullet that hit a British tourist during an attack near Rio de Janeiro missed all of her major vessels and organs and she is recovering well, the hospital treating the woman said Monday.

Eloise Dixon, 46, and her family were traveling Sunday in the coastal resort of Angra dos Reis when they strayed into a rough neighborhood, police have said. A group approached the car, apparently told the family to get out and then opened fire, police said.

Images that Globo TV said were of the family's rental car showed bullet holes in the passenger-side headrest and door as well as a deflated front tire.

One bullet passed through Dixon's abdomen and another grazed her chest, hospital officials said. But the bullet that passed through Dixon's abdomen didn't hit anything vital, Rodrigo Mucheli, medical director of General Hospital of Japuiba, told Globo TV.

Sebastiao Faria, another official at the hospital, said she was operated on Sunday to check for any damage and is now recovering well. Dixon is awake and talking and will be ready to leave the hospital in 48 to 72 hours, Faria added.

Brazilian and British officials declined to give the woman's hometown, but British Broadcasting Corporation said she is from London.