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Bomb Explodes Outside French Consulate

February 10, 1991

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) _ A bomb exploded outside the French Consulate late Saturday, but caused no damage or injuries, police said.

A previously unknown group, the Communist Fighters Union, claimed responsibility for the incident in telephone calls to newspapers. The group did not say why it carried out the attack.

Police said the bomb went off in the garden of the counsulate. In nearby Taksim Square, theatergoers, bar patrons and hotel guests scurried into the streets.

A Marxist underground group, Dev Sol, has claimed responsibility for about 24 bomb attacks on vehicles and buildings linked to the United States and its allies since the Gulf War began Jan. 17.

Dev Sol also claimed responsibility for the assassination on Thursday of a U.S. civilian working at an air based used for U.S. bombing missions on Iraq.

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