N.C. firefighters warn of My Little Pony and Pete’s Dragon fireworks

July 4, 2018

The Concord, North Carolina, Fire Department would like to make customers aware of a particular firework that is being sold in the area. These fireworks are being sold as a hard plastic toy that mimic toys such as “Pete the Dragon” and “My Little Pony” Unicorns.

The Concord Independent Tribune reports that these items are actually fireworks where the wick can be found in the horn and tail of the toy.

Both of these fireworks project sparks and/or flames in the air that can reach temperatures that may cause severe injury. Both children and pets are at risk with products such as these, due to their favoring of a play or chew toy.

The National Fire Protection Association reports an estimated 12,900 people were treated at emergency rooms for fire-related injuries in 2017. Children younger than 15 years old accounted for about 36 percent of those injuries.

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