LOS ANGELES (AP) _ ABC's ``Nothing Sacred,'' about a self-doubting priest, has lost another sponsor following complaints by a Roman Catholic group. So far, at least eight companies have bailed on the 3-week-old show.

Sears announced Tuesday it has pulled its ads from the show, about a priest ambivalent on such church doctrines as abortion and celibacy. Other companies to pull their ads include Red Lobster restaurants and American Isuzu Motors.

Nevertheless, ABC expects the show to be fully sponsored throughout its run, said spokesman Anne Riccitelli.

The New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, a conservative watchdog group that claims to defend the church from ``slanderous assaults'' from the media, has spearheaded a boycott of the show's sponsors.

Other sponsors, including Visa, say they have no plans to pull ads. Visa has received ``maybe a dozen or two calls'' expressing concern, spokesman Kelly Pressa said.

ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Co., which has been under attack by religious groups partly because of the film ``Priest,'' about a gay clergyman.

Some of the same religious groups complained when Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian on her ``Ellen'' show, produced by Disney's Touchstone Television.