Document Management Software Provider is Preferred Vendor for Auto Dealers Association

August 31, 2018

MEXICO, MO / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2018 / Information Management & Securities, LLC (IMS) has announced with pride that they have just signed an agreement with Optimum Dealer Services to be the preferred document management software ...

MEXICO, MO / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2018 / Information Management & Securities, LLC (IMS) has announced with pride that they have just signed an agreement with Optimum Dealer Services to be the preferred document management software provider for Missouri Auto Dealers Association (MADA), which includes the St. Louis Auto Dealers Association (SLADA). IMS provides document scanning services, document storage, and software to allow quick and easy access to documents. With the new exclusive agreement, IMS would be able to help automobile dealers convert their paper documents into digital format. The document management software provider would be able to scan all of the paper documents and then convert them into PDF format for easy storage and access.

Vince Fuemmeler from IMS explains: “Whether your dealership is buried in personnel files, invoices, F&I documentation, dead deals, etc., IMS can scan all that paper, convert it to PDF, and store it where it can be found easily. For those who have years of documents to be scanned, the technique is for IMS to scan the most recent documents while the rest will be stored in a fire-safe warehouse, which will be provided by IMS. Those stored in the said warehouse will be QR coded for quick access if an audit occurs. Finally, for those who prefer doing the scanning, a do-it-yourself option is available where IMS experts provide scanners and train staff in using their compatible software.”

According to IMS, they can convert into a digital format not just paper documents but also microfiche, microfilm, and large format documents like maps and blueprints. Other types of records that can be processed by IMS include medical records, insurance claims, AP documents, case files, employee files, board documents, and many more. The documents to be converted will first be prepped by IMS for scanning and then indexed based on the client’s specific needs. The images that are produced can be easily accessed with FileBound, a searchable folder on a hard drive, or an external device.

Vince Fuemmeler continues: “Whether you want a simple scan workflow or complex document capture, we provide an affordable, scalable solution. Document scanning is not just about converting paper into digital files, it is also about capturing important data about the file so it can be retrieved quickly and easily. Organizations today have so many requirements for scanning and capture, they often deploy a number of solutions to meet all their departmental needs. IMS offers many software solutions including PSIGEN software to automate the scanning process. The IT staff at IMS can train your staff how to process paper documents to digital and reduce the amount of time it takes for data entry.

Meanwhile, those who prefer social media may want to view their Facebook page. As indicated in this social media page, the mission of IMS is “to organize, store, protect and simplify the management and access of confidential documents and information”. The page also indicates that aside from document scanning, the company also offers document shredding services to ensure that confidential documents will not get into the wrong hands. The compliant, on-site shredding is usually done after the documents have been converted into digital format and stored so that the documents are no longer needed.

With regards to reviews from clients, several positive client testimonials can be found on the company website. For instance, George Huffman, dealer for Pearl Automotive Company, says: “The efficiency and ease are the biggest benefits of IMS. I can’t put a dollar amount on it, but it frees up space, frees time and improves customer service.” Zach T. says ”...we have always received outstanding service from Vince and his team. They are responsive and helpful when we need anything. Using IMS saves our office staff hours of time by having searchable electronic documents easily accessible...”

IMS is a locally-owned company located at 4720 E Liberty St, Mexico, MO 65265, that provides hands-on service using sophisticated software to allow dealerships to store their paper documents in electronic format to allow quick access. The company also provides IT managed services. Those interested in getting more information can take a look at the company’s website or contact them directly.

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