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Alan Webber: Now it’s Barr’s turn

Staff WriterMay 21, 2019

Did you see Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham, to conduct an inquiry into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation? Specifically, he wants to know if the surveillance of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign by the FBI was done legally.

Evidently, Durham is an outstanding special prosecutor instrumental in brazenly extricating the Mafia from the Boston FBI office, while keeping both knees. He is well-respected by congressman on both sides of the aisle. Wish Durham had looked into the Lois Lerner IRS matter, but that’s a tirade for a different day.

As a collusion-weary nation watched, this news was met with mild backing by some Republican politicians but with immense support by true conservatives, including yours truly. We have suspected there’s a Deep State within our government, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the center and financed by billionaire George Soros. In a different era, they used to hang people for this type of mischief. (Actually, there is a theory there has been a Deep State in America since 1871).

Others supposedly involved in this version of a collusion scandal would include former CIA Director John Clapper and previous FBI brass Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and, to add a little romance to the plot, Strzok’s mistress, Lisa Page. With a bit of luck, Durham’s crew will look into the shenanigans of the gun-running Eric Holder and “Tarmac Consultant” Loretta Lynch as well.

Naturally, the news was met with cynicism by Democrats, accusing Barr of being Trump’s personal attorney rather than representing the people of the United States. They conveniently forgot the days of Janet Reno.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Pencil Neck), who absurdly chairs the oxymoron known as the House Intelligence Committee, went so far as to call for the resignation of Barr. In his “esteemed” opinion, Barr was acting as President Donald Trump’s handmaiden.

Schiff then doubled down in an op-ed appearing in USA Today. “The attorney general of the United States misled the country about an investigation implicating the president. Then, he lied to Congress …” Schiff shrieked sharply. “Then, he did something worse: He effectively said that the president of the United States is above the law.” No word on what he thought of Obama’s 276 executive orders or 1,186 presidential proclamations, but media doesn’t ask questions like that of those on the left.

I have to admit; I believe as passionately that Comey and cohorts belong in prison every bit as much as my critics believe I’m an idiot and Trump colluded with Putin. I doubt we change each other’s minds, regardless of where the truth … lies. What I am sure of is we will never know the truth, which is sad, given we, the people, pay dearly for this circus. We deserve truth from our government.

I also would be willing to bet that regardless of the credentials or intent of Barr and Durham to get at the truth, in the end, little will come of this inquiry either, other than to create needed “space” for Trump.

Oh, there might be a few low-level folks railroaded into a fine or jail time, just as there was in Trump’s circle, but more than likely none of the big-wigs mentioned in this commentary will be brought to justice because that’s how the Swamp works. They all seem to have pictures of each other naked, and the implied threat of “exposure” hangs above all heads.

There will most certainly be televised proceedings and minute-to-minute reports by various news outlets, each with their own spin.

Schiff and Jerry Nadler will indignantly bloviate and stomp feet, which will be run on a continuous loop on cable. Heck, people might start watching Rachel Maddow again. If anyone can find the CNN channel, they might watch Don Lemon ooze his two cents, giggling like a school girl while scoffing at whatever Durham finds. Chris Cuomo will nod silently in agreement like a bobblehead doll to everything Lemon says. FOX ratings will go through the roof as Sean Hannity announces yet more breaking news, which, in his mind, always seems to break right around 9 p.m. Eastern, just as Sean goes on air.

And the newspapers … they will more than likely ignore as much of this circus as possible, for no other reason than if Barr or Durham happen to uncover anything, it proves yet again how wrong they have been about everything since Trump announced he was running for president.

Call me a cynic, but this rodeo at our expense is getting old.

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