MP pool too cold for seniors

March 28, 2019

Dear Editor:

The Mt. Pleasant City Aquatics Center has a great pool. In the mornings the facility has a water aerobics class which mostly consists of senior citizens from surrounding towns (Fairview, Fountain Green, etc.).

The attendance through the winter has definitely decreased because the water and the building are so cold. It is great to have a nice pool and we need the exercise and it is easier to exercise in the water, but it is too cold to get in or stay in while shivering.

We have complained many times at the pool, but nothing ever changes. We hope this notice will help. If the city doesn’t want to heat the pool during the winter months so we can use it, then we think they need to refund our money for the winter months we couldn’t use it.

Many times we thought we would try to use the pool, but had to turn around and drive back home because it was just too cold in the pool. Can the heat be turned up there? 82 degrees is not warm enough.

Sanpete County Senior Citizens

Nita Osborne

Fountain Green