Dave Tunnell: Thoughts for the new year

January 5, 2019

Editor: Every year as I sit down to write my January letter to the editor, I am conflicted as to whether I should write something about the upcoming arguments on Roe v Wade or should I write something on the current political situation. This year I am doing both.

If you are an adult, you know someone who has had an abortion or who has considered an abortion and chose to carry the baby to term. These are deeply personal and agonizing decisions. Why do you not know that this or that woman you absolutely respect and may even love has had an abortion? Because it is just none of your business. What is your business is the running of the government of this country. We are in the midst of a partial shutdown. Is there blame on both sides for the shutdown. Of course. The best thing we can say about this one is that it effects less people than previous shutdowns. I personally find it amazing that the self-proclaimed best negotiator on the planet could not come up with a deal to get eight additional senators to side with him.

A final thought: The President touted Rex Tillerson as a great business person with immense skills when he nominated him as Secretary of State. Mr. Trump now says Mr. Tillerson is dumber than a rock. This is a pattern we have seen concerning many individuals hired by this administration and then fired by this administration.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view, the fired part does not apply to judicial appointments. Remember a couple of months ago when Mr. Justice Kavanaugh was being touted as one of the great legal minds in the history of the Republic? He was also said to be being persecuted by a woman spouting baseless lies and a Democratic party out to sully his good name. Be prepared folks. When Mr. Justice Kavanaugh is part of a majority opinion that counters a position taken by Donald J. Trump, he will instantly become just another damnable Democrat. You could just about take that to the bank.

Dave Tunnell

Lake Havasu City

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