JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ When his company's trucks kept being stolen, Norman Asch called the doctor - the witchdoctor.

Asch, an executive of a Johannesburg paper and packaging firm, said electronic alarms failed to prevent the theft of four company trucks in the past two years.

''Someone suggested I try a witchdoctor. I was very skeptical but I believe that if you don't understand something, you should at least have respect for it,'' Asch told The Star, a Johannesburg daily that reported the story Thursday.

A witchdoctor was brought from Tzaneen, a rural center 220 miles northeast of Johannesburg.

''He poured some liquid into various parts of the vehicles and marked the underside of some other parts,'' Asch said. ''He left a small, plastic doll hanging from each rear-view mirror.''

Asch said none of the company's vehicles has been stolen for the past six months.