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Hostages Chronology With AM-Hostages-Slum Watch, b0438

March 15, 1990

Undated (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in the holding of American kidnap victims in Lebanon: 1985

- The Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco abducted in Beirut.

- Jeremy Levin, Beirut chief for Cable News Network, kidnapped earlier in west Beirut, gains his freedom. He says he escaped; Islamic Jihad says it freed him.

- Terry Anderson, chief Mideast correspondent for The Associated Press, abducted on a Beirut street.

- David P. Jacobsen, a U.S. citizen and director of American University Hospital, kidnapped.

- American Thomas Sutherland, acting agriculture dean at American University, kidnapped.

- American Presbyterian pastor Benjamin Weir freed after 16 months in captivity.

- CIA officer William Buckley, a hostage since March 16, 1984, killed in retaliation for Israeli air raid on PLO headquarters in Tunisia. 1986

- American University librarian Peter Kilburn and two other hostages, British educators Leigh Douglas and Philip Padfield, found shot to death east of Beirut.

- Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Moslems says it has killed kidnapped British journalist Alec Collett in retaliation for British complicity in U.S. attack on Libya.

- Jenco freed.

- American educator Frank Herbert Reed kidnapped in west Beirut.

- American University accountant Joseph Cicippio abducted on west Beirut campus.

- American writer Edward Austin Tracy kidnapped in Beirut; Revolutionary Justice Organization claims responsibility.

- Jacobsen is released in Beirut.

- First reports surface that the United States arranged arms shipments to Iran in exchange for hostage releases. 1987

- Anglican Church mediator Terry Waite kidnapped.

- Three Americans - Jesse Jonathan Turner, Alann Steen and Robert Polhill - and Indian Mithileshwar Singh, all faculty members of Beirut University College, kidnapped from the campus.

- American journalist Charles Glass kidnapped; escapes two months later.

- Kidnappers issue videotape of Anderson in which he appeals to President Reagan to win the hostages’ release, saying, ″There is a limit for how long we can last.″ 1988

- U.S. Marine Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, member of U.N. observer force in Lebanon, abducted.

- The last three French hostages in Lebanon are set free. They say a fourth Frenchman, Michel Seurat, died in captivity.

- Indian professor Mithileshwar Singh is freed. 1989

- Lebanon’s most influential Shiite Moslem cleric, Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, says the foreign hostages should be freed.

- Israeli commandos abduct Sheik Abdul Karim Obeid, a clerical leader of fundamentalist Shiite group Hezbollah, from his Lebanese home. Organization of the Oppressed on Earth says it has killed Higgins in reprisal.

- Kidnappers release photo of Anderson, accompanying another demand for release of Shiite Moslem comrades jailed in Kuwait.

- U.S. releases $567 million in frozen Iranian assets. 1990

- Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani says he believes the hostage issue ″is moving toward a solution.″ But in Lebanon, Revolutionary Justice Organization says it does not intend to release its hostages.

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