Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May 8, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Chris our volunteer in the Cardiac Cath Lab. You go above and beyond, you’re my favorite “waitress.” I always enjoy our time together and so do the patients.

Onions to the onion complaining about onions to the Canadian air force noise. Stop comparing LHC to a large metropolitan city. Many have left big cities for the quietness of LHC. Why when someone complains about something here, another tries to bring up something from a big city?

Orchids to our awesome friends. We can see why you laugh so hard at Leopold and Maleficent! Keep up the wonderful attitudes and never allow fake stories to cloud your loving hearts. The calendar is on your side, and your logbook over the last three years says it all. Keep it up, love ya’ll with all our heart.

Onions to the inconsiderate fools that thing they can use the Lighthouse Base for a fire back stop on Garbage and Fire Island. We fixed it and picked up three 20-gallon trash bags full of garbage. Such a dirty, burnt-out area, I feel sorry for the residents that live there...

Orchids to wonderful weather here in Havasu! But onions to people who let their children play and their dogs loose in the washes and vacant lots at this time of year. Remember that rattlesnakes are out now. Maybe it time to remind everyone again via newspaper, radio, etc. Oh, don’t forget coyotes.

Onions to the weeds making everyone sick who has any problems with allergies. If you like them put them inside your home.

Orchids to our fabulous waitress/photographer/cake cutter at Sho-Gun, Victoria. Thank you for being so good to our group.

Onions to neighbor with Tiki torches in backyard. It’s not the putrid smell of burning kerosene that’s bothering me. It’s the unending “flickering” of light. It appears a pagan ritual is taking place. I’m surprised a Medicine man doesn’t jump out with bone in nose and spear in hand. Please cease!

Orchids to the very honest, charitable and anonymous person who returned my lost money to the Safeway management last Saturday. Both your and Safeway’s actions confirmed my faith in humanity and the wonderful people of Lake Havasu. God Bless you both.

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