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Mayor Loses to Write-In Candidate

November 9, 2005

MONTROSE, Pa. (AP) _ Voters apparently got the hint: a mayor who said he would refuse to serve if re-elected lost by four votes.

Thomas LaMont, who has been in office for a little more than 10 years, wasn’t seeking re-election but ended up as the only name on Tuesday’s ballot after getting 23 write-in votes in the Republican primary.

Once word got out that LaMont planned to resign, several people began their own write-in campaigns in the 1,600-person borough in northeast Pennsylvania.

The winner was parking enforcement officer John Wilson.

``Now he’ll be mayor and writing parking tickets,″ Annette Rogers, the borough’s secretary/treasurer, said Wednesday.

Wilson said several borough employees encouraged him to run for major, which pays $900 a year before taxes.

He received 116 votes, compared to LaMont’s 112. A third candidate received 58.

``What boggles my mind is that 112 people voted for a man who didn’t want the job,″ Rogers said.

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