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Co-Workers Pray for Artificial Heart Patient With PM-Artificial Heart Bjt

December 20, 1985

KENSINGTON, Minn. (AP) _ Friends and co-workers of Mary Lund, the first woman to receive an artificial heart implant, characterize the 40-year-old secretary as the type of person ″employers would like a whole staff of.″

″There’s not much we can do for her now but pray,″ said Delbert Clark, administrator at the nursing home where Mrs. Lund has worked for the past 14 years. ″It’s tough to understand why things like this happen to nice people. But if anyone can make it, Mary can. She’s the type to not give up.″

Mrs. Lund was listed in critical but stable condition late Thursday at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis after doctors implanted a smaller version of the Jarvik-7 pump in her chest late Wednesday. She is to use the plastic-and-metal device until she recovers from a rare viral heart ailment and can receive a human heart.

″I’m going to make it,″ Mrs. Lund told a friend shortly before the trip to Abbott-Northwestern. She arrived there Tuesday after doctors in Kensington said she needed more help than they could provide.

Mrs. Lund’s sudden deterioration came as a shock to her co-workers, Clark said. She called in sick to work on Wednesday or Thursday last week, he said.

″She felt she had a cold and maybe flu coming on. She’s an individual who doesn’t miss much time because of being sick,″ Clark said. ″She’s one of the type of employees that employers would like a whole staff of. She’s a very caring, loving individual, very professional, and just a pleasure to be around, from the residents’ standpoint, staff and visitors.″

Elaine Hauglie, whose husband Joel is mayor of Kensington, said she and her husband have ″known her since she was a little girl. ... She is a sweetie.″

The Rev. Alden Backman, the chaplain at the nursing home, said Mrs. Lund was ″always cheerful here on the phone, and it’s not always easy to be that way.″

Mrs. Lund is being remembered during the daily worship service at the nursing home, and a candlelight service was held for her Thursday night, he said.

Mrs. Lund’s husband, DuWayne, 45, is a machinist and department supervisor at Heartland Components in Alexandria. She has a 14-year-old son, Scott Krusemark, by a previous marriage.

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