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Chronology of Terry Anderson’s Captivity With PM-Lebanon-Hostages

October 31, 1988

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Here is a chronology of the captivity of Terry Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press. He is one of 14 foreign hostages, including nine Americans, missing and believed held in Lebanon.


March 16 - Anderson abducted on Beirut street. Telephone caller says Islamic Jihad kidnapped him as part of ″continuing operations against America and its agents.″

May 16 - First photo of Anderson in captivity released. Islamic Jihad warns of ″catastrophic consequences″ if Kuwait does not free alleged terrorists.

Sept. 9 - Rev. Benjamin Weir, another Islamic Jihad captive, freed after 16 months in captivity. President Reagan says he ″will not be satisified″ until remaining Americans also are released.

Oct. 29 - Beirut television stations broadcast videotaped birthday message from relatives and friends to Anderson.

Nov. 8 - In an open letter, Anderson and three other American captives held by Islamic Jihad call on Reagan to ″have mercy″ and negotiate with kidnappers. All four hostages are allowed to write to their families. Another letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury appeals for Terry Waite to mediate with Islamic Jihad.


Feb. 15 - Anderson’s father, Glenn R. Anderson, dies of cancer at age 69.

June 7 - Anderson’s 46-year-old brother, Glenn Richard Jr., dies of cancer four days after making a videotape from his bed appealing to Terry’s captors.

July 26 - Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco, freed after almost 19 months as hostage, says he was held with Anderson and two other hostages for a year.

Oct. 3 - In a videotaped appeal, Anderson and David Jacobsen call on the Reagan administration to work as hard for their release as it did to secure the release of journalist Nicholas Daniloff in Moscow.

Oct. 31 - Beirut TV stations broadcast videotape showing Anderson’s 16- month-old daughter, whom he has never seen.

Nov. 2 - Jacobsen, freed after 17 months in captivity, says hostages ″are in hell.″

Nov. 15 - Islamic Jihad releases new picture of Anderson.

Dec. 28 - Fourth picture of Anderson sent by captors to Western news agency in Beirut.


Jan. 16 - Islamic Jihad distributes another picture of Anderson.

June 7 - Anderson’s daughter is shown on Lebanese television on her second birthday saying, ″Our hearts are broken. Where is daddy?″

Aug. 2 - Sixth photo of Anderson released by Islamic Jihad.

Oct. 21 - Islamic Jihad releases another photo of Anderson.

Oct. 27 - Anderson turns 40. Friends and family gather at Jefferson Memorial in Washington and AP staff in Beirut goes to his vacant office to mark the day.

Nov. 26 - Jacobsen says he learned from sources in the U.S. government and the Middle East that Anderson is being held again in chains and blindfolded 24 hours a day.

Dec. 10 - Anderson passes his 1,000th day as a hostage.

Dec. 24 - Islamic Jihad release a videotape of Anderson. Appearing to read from a prepared text, he criticizes the Reagan administration for failing to secure the release of himself and other Americans and warns ″there’s a limit how long we can last.″

Dec. 30 - A London newspaper reports that a CIA analysis of the tape indicated Anderson may be held in Basta prison in west Beirut with missing Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite.


March 16 - Anderson begins his fourth year in captivity.

April 10 - Islamic Jihad threatens in a statement, accompanied by a photo of Anderson, that it will kill its captives if any attempt is made to storm a Kuwaiti jetliner hijacked by Shiite extremists.

May 4 - Islamic Jihad freed three French hostages.

May 9 - Release French hostage Marcel Fontaine, also held by Islamic Jihad, says Anderson’s greatest fear is that the Americans will launch a commando raid to free him, an action he believes would mean his certain death.

Aug. 18 - Islamic Jihad issues a photo of Anderson with a statement saying he and another U.S, hostage will not be freed soon, squelching speculation they would be released following the gulf war cease-fire. It also contains new demands: an Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon and compensation for the reconstruction of south Lebanon and south Beirut.

Oct. 3 - Mithileshwar Singh, and Indian national and U.S. rediaent alien, is freed by another Shiite faction.

Oct. 21 - Islamic Jihad threatens to ″punish″ its captives in retaliation for Israeli air raids in south Lebanon. A photo of Anderson accompanies the statement.

Oct. 23 - Islamic Jihad threatens in a statement, accompanied by a photo of Anderson, that its American hostages will a price that ″will reflect adversely″ on them if the group’s demands are not met.

Oct. 24 - Islamic Jihad denies any connection with a Lebanese woman arrested in Milan with a photo of Anderson and another U.S. hostage.

Oct. 27 - Anderson is 41, his fourth birthday in captivity. Islamic Jihad issues a photo of him to authenticate a statement again denying any connection with the women held in Milan.

Oct. 31 - Islamic Jihad issues a videotape of Anderson to mark his 41st birthday. He says the U.S. government is impeding his release and adds: ″I find it difficult to keep my hope and courage high.″

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