Ojeda presidential bid for 2020 met with skepticism

November 15, 2018

Richard Ojeda

Richard Ojeda, who was defeated in the Nov. 6 general election in his bid to represent West

Virginian’s 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives, wasted little time before declaring a new political goal: the presidency of the United States.

Standing before the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Monday afternoon, Ojeda announced his candidacy for president in the 2020 election. A day earlier, the “Ojeda for President” committee was formed with the Federal Election Commission. Ojeda, a retired Army paratrooper and currently a member of the West Virginia Senate, said he is working to restore the Democratic Party’s blue-collar roots and wants to fight for the nation’s working-class citizens.

A majority of online comments from readers of The Herald-Dispatch suggests that Ojeda’s bid is unlikely to be successful. Here’s a sampling:

James Blackburn: “Omg, he lost this election. what would make him think he can beat Trump? Too funny ... He’s just wasting his time. Trump will win again.”

John Seals: “He did better than other Democrats running for Congress by closing the gap from 50 percent ... to losing by only 13 percent. No other candidate had a 37 percent swing. .... Someone like Ojeda could easily win Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. That’s all that is needed to turn the election.”

Timbo Nunnery: “Trump’s only political experience was calling Obama’s birth certificate into question and getting proven wrong, and he became president. Might as well add more to the circus that we call modern politics.”

Kevin McPherson: “His political finances need to be reviewed for misuse of funding raised for his prior campaign.”

Keith Bailey: “That’s false. Everything has been accounted for financially and in a legal manner. If anything, he’s a rarity in politics because he doesn’t take corporate PAC money. His campaign was funded for the people and by the people.”

Mickey Cline: ”... Yea, the people of California.”

Nicholas McComas: “Ojeda took PAC money.”

Imogene Aldridge Hall: “Imagine: Ojeda and Hillary Clinton as Democrat candidates.”

Sherry Fox: “Nobody will vote for him. Said Trump will remember his name. hahahaha!!”

Mickey Cline: “I hope he wins the (Democratic) primary just to see President Trump kick his little short ...”

Danielle Frye: “I say go for it. We have so much of the same. If we embraced people who genuinely had the people’s interest at heart, you wouldn’t mock this man for wanting to better the state of WV and our country.”

Lowell Elkins: “2020 is going to be interesting, for sure.”

George Connley: “I’m all in. I’d vote for him.”

Becky Robinson: “He needs to get a life.”

Mickey Cline: “Good luck, maybe you can win your home county this time.”

Jeffrey A. Ward: “He’s aiming for a cushy labor union job. It’s his WV exit strategy.”

Donna Perry: “He should step down as senator, just as he did as the ROTC instructor if all he is going to be doing for the next 2 years is campaign.”

Jay Jacobs: “OMG. Another Clinton in the making.”

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