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Key Facts From ‘Black America’ Memo

November 13, 1999

Key passages from ``The State of Black America 1999,″ published annually by the National Urban League, a 247-page report containing statistics, charts and essays on employment and wage gaps, health disparities and educational levels:

``The economic state of Black America has never been healthier. Unemployment is at a record low, the share of adults with jobs is at a record high, every segment of income distribution _ from the bottom fifth to the top _ is at a record high.″

``Persistent racial gaps leave African-American unemployment at levels more typical of recessions for white America.″

``In showing that discrimination is not just a factor, but the major factor in holding back African-American income, we must not lose sight that in a racialized society, racial privilege can change.″

``There is much left to be done, but we must celebrate the level of success we enjoy as a result of increased skill attainment by African Americans, and as a result of policy shifts that have made this economic recovery our best so far.″

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