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Marlon Brando Says Won’t Make Any Movies

August 31, 1989

TORONTO (AP) _ Oscar-winning actor Marlon Brando says he’s made his last movie - and it’s a dud.

″It’s horrible,″ he said of ″The Freshman.″ ″It’s going to be a flop, but after this, I’m retiring. I’m so fed up. This picture, except for the Canadian crew, was an extremely unpleasant experience. I wish I hadn’t finished with a stinker.″

Brando, 65, who has been shooting the movie in Canada for the past 12 weeks, also told the Toronto Globe and Mail on Wednesday that he’s fed up with kowtowing to the Hollywood publicity system, detests New York and adores Canada.

″I didn’t realize how utterly pleasant it was to be here.

″I’ve come from New York, which is a warthog straight from hell. To sing my swan song here is very pleasant,″ said Brando, who made his name in stage productions in the late 1940s and went on to such as movies as ″On The Waterfront″ and ″The Godfather.″

″This is my last day,″ he said at the conclusion of the lunchtime interview as he was called back to the set.

″Two more shots and I’m done with this madness ... You can’t imagine how happy I am.″

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