LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The average price of gasoline nationwide fell more than 2 cents in the past two weeks because of oversupply, an industry analyst said Sunday.

``Refiners and importers keep cranking out more gasoline than we use,'' Trilby Lundberg said. ``There is a continued imbalance over supply and demand.''

The overall average price, including all grades and taxes, was about $1.21 per gallon on Friday, down 2.04 cents in two weeks, according to the Camarillo-based Lundberg Survey of 10,000 stations nationwide.

Prices have been falling for most of the year, except for a temporary increase in July.

``Prices are now nearly 9 cents lower than Dec. 20, 1996 and have fallen about 12 cents between the end of August and now,'' Lundberg said.

At self-service pumps, regular gasoline was $1.15 a gallon, mid-grade was $1.26 and premium was $1.34.

At full-service pumps, regular was $1.56, mid-grade was $1.64 and premium was $1.71.