White House situation comparable to third world country

September 9, 2018

It is a coup d’etat in a third world country.

Who cares if some big shot in the Trump Administration did or didn’t write an amazing diatribe against his or her boss?

Whether fake or real, it has caused a coup in America, which has become a third world country since Trump took office.

Frankly, I never thought I’d see the day that such an emergency existed in my country. Like most other Americans, I have looked with pity and scorn on other countries who couldn’t handle their affairs. We wouldn’t let that happen in America, would we? No sir. Never in America.

Sadly, The New York Times is part and parcel of the coup.

If I went to the editor of The Herald-Dispatch and asked to write an anonymous opinion to be published in the newspaper, I would hope the editor would respond “No. Sorry. That’s not how reputable media do things.”

But the real problem, of course, is the obvious mental incapacity of President Trump. From the excerpts I have heard from “Fear,” the upcoming book by Bob Woodward, I believe the man ought to be removed from office via any means possible, but legally.

Yes, it would be the ultimate constitutional coup but it might remove us from the list of third world countries.

From the very first day of his term of office when photos showed sparse crowds at his inauguration, yet he said it was the largest gathering for any presidential inauguration in history, I knew the nervous breakdown had begun and we were in trouble.

Within two or three weeks, I had expressed my fear that this man, who was obviously unstable, had his finger on the button and the codes to push it.

A couple of weeks ago, a reader wrote to me on my Facebook page and said that I was being too harsh on “our President” and I would be advised to back off.

Back off? Be kind to the man? The man who spends 90 percent of his time dreaming up nasty names for his enemies. The man who honestly believes that those who say negative things against him should be charged with treason? The man who doesn’t have a clue what the definition of treason is?

Yes, I believe there is a group hidden deep within the Trump administration who want to see the president out of office and sent to a home for the mentally deranged.

I believe there is a significant number of Congress critters who are secretly scheming to get rid of the amoral nemesis who inhabits the Oval Office. But they fear to take a public stand. Instead, they hide behind a wall of anonymity and secrecy.

It has all the characteristics of a coup d’etat in a third world country.

If he resigns or is thrown out of office, I would be the first to pity him, to back off and be kind to him.

But I am an American and it is my duty to yell like a banshee when I believe the president is tearing this country apart.

And when he’s no longer able to bring this country down, I’ll quietly consider him just another crazy man who used to be in crazy town.

Dave Peyton is on Facebook. His email address is davepey-ton@comcast.net.

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