Trump sees boost for Kavanaugh: ‘This great life cannot be ruined by mean & despicable Democrats’

October 4, 2018

President Trump on Thursday said U.S. voters were rallying behind Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh in response to his mistreatment by Senate Democrats.

“The harsh and unfair treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters. The PEOPLE get it far better than the politicians,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Most importantly, this great life cannot be ruined by mean despicable Democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations!”

The White House sent the Senate a new FBI background check into alleged sexual misconduct in high school and college by Judge Kavanaugh that apparently does not corroborate the accusations.

The full Senate is set to take the first procedural vote toward confirmation Friday.

“Wow, such enthusiasm and energy for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Look at the Energy, look at the Polls,” the president tweeted. “Something very big is happening. He is a fine man and great intellect. The country is with him all the way!”

A Fox News poll showed Republicans gaining ground and expanding leads in key Senate battleground states since the controversy erupted last month over the sexual misconduct allegations.

Senate Democrats are not satisfied with the new FBI background check.

Asked by CNN if it would be easier to nominate someone else, White House spokesman Raj Shah said the president is “firmly behind Brett Kavanaugh.”

“We cannot live in a world where allegation alone can sully a man’s reputation for life,” he said.

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