Classroom renovations at Gering High School soon to be complete

September 28, 2018

Gering High School remains under construction, but teachers will be back in their classrooms soon as several classroom renovations are completed.

Superintendent Bob Hastings said teachers should be able to return to their classroom as some of the construction in the classroom wing wraps up.

“There are still some things to be done in the classroom wing, but those will be done next summer,” said Hastings.

The new administrative offices are also almost complete. They are addressing some housekeeping issues before the staff moves in. Hastings said they were looking to move stuff in next week but that will likely be pushed back.

As one phase of the construction concludes, Hastings said the focus will shift to the library. The timeline for the new library is to complete the steel work and turn that area over to the school by early next year. Once that occurs, they can move everything out of the current library and begin work on the Freshman Academy classroom wing. New classrooms will be built off the back of the current library for the academy.

There is also progress being made at the front and back of the high school. At the new commons area and entrance, workers have secured the roof and began pouring concrete on the west side of the commons on Thursday morning.

“Within the next month or so, we’ll start to see that get enclosed,” said Hastings.

The area requires a lot of glass pieces and Hastings said there was concern that the glass wouldn’t arrive in a timely manner due to some manufacturer issues. The concern has been addressed and that project remains on track.

Progress is also being made in the wrestling room and auxiliary gym. Half of the walls are up in the gym, but workers won’t install the steel until they finish the library. Hastings is hopeful that the auxiliary gym is enclosed by late fall.

Gering High School Principal Eldon Hubbard said, “it’s exciting everyday to see the progress they make.”

As phases of the renovation continue to progress, Hastings said the plan is to use the temporary entrance, which will become the main entrance, for activities after Christmas Break. While the current entrance will still be used, the access through the commons area will depend on if they can keep construction separate from students and teachers for safety. They are also working on exits for winter activities to make sure there are enough places for people to egress, especially when the gym is at full capacity.

Over Christmas Break, more work will occur in the gym. Hastings said any activities during that time will move to the middle school. Following the break, the locker rooms will be under construction. After the winter sports season ends, work will focus on the north area in the gym.

The construction project is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

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