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Saturday, March 7

February 27, 2015

Today is Saturday, March 7, the 66th day of 2015. There are 299 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1573 - Peace of Constantinople ends war between Turkey and Venice.

1793 - France declares war on Spain, and Spanish forces invade Roussillon and Navarre.

1820 - Spain’s King Ferdinand II is forced to restore the Constitution of 1812 and end the Inquisition.

1821 - Neopolitan rebels are crushed by Austrians at Rieti.

1854 - A sewing machine that could stitch buttonholes is patented by Charles Miller of St. Louis.

1876 - Egyptian forces are defeated at Gura by Ethiopians; Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his telephone.

1926 - The first successful trans-Atlantic radio-telephone conversation takes place, between New York City and London.

1935 - Restoration of Saar to Germany marks beginning of German expansion.

1936 - Germany violates Treaty of Versailles by occupying demilitarized zone in the Rhineland.

1939 - Civil war breaks out in Madrid between communist and anti-communist factions while Nationalist forces lay siege to the city.

1941 - British troops invade Italian-occupied Abyssinia — now Ethiopia — in World War II.

1947 - Terrorist attack on police headquarters in Asuncion, Paraguay, sparks bloody five-month civil war.

1951 - Iran’s Prime Minister Ali Razmara is assassinated.

1965 - A march by civil rights demonstrators is broken up in Selma, Alabama, by state troopers and a sheriff’s posse.

1968 - United States and Soviet Union pledge to protect all weaker nations from nuclear blackmail and aggression.

1975 - U.S. Senate revises its filibuster rule, allowing 60 senators to limit debate in most cases, instead of the previously required two-thirds of senators present.

1977 - Saudi Arabia announces it will give one billion dollars in aid to Africa.

1988 - British soldiers and police fatally shoot three Irish Republican Army guerrillas after they plant a car bomb set to go off during military parade in British colony of Gibraltar.

1989 - China declares martial law in Tibetan capital of Lhasa following three days of anti-Chinese rioting.

1990 - Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev demands billions of dollars in hard currency to cover Soviet investments if Lithuania secedes from Soviet Union.

1991 - Forces loyal to Saddam Hussein reportedly execute as many as 400 people in southern Iraq following days of rebellion in Basra and other cities.

1994 - Multinational African army installs new government in Liberia.

1996 - Three U.S. servicemen are convicted in the rape of a 12-year-old Japanese girl and sentenced to between 6 1/2 and 7 years in prison.

1999 - Bosnian Serb lawmakers reject the firing of their hard-line president and suspend cooperation with the country’s federal government after mediators say the strategic town of Brcko should leave Serb hands.

2001 - Ariel Sharon takes over as Israel’s prime minister.

2002 - Hindu-Muslim rioting in the western Indian state of Gujarat leaves more than 600 people dead. Hindu mobs massacre Muslims after a train carrying Hindu activists was torched by Muslims in the city of Godhra the previous week.

2005 - A fire set by rioting gang members kills 134 inmates of a provincial jail in the Dominican Republic, where overcrowded cells are overrun with rats, cockroaches and bedbugs.

2006 - A series of coordinated bombings rock a packed railway station and crowded temple in Varanasi, Hinduism’s holiest city, killing 20 people and injuring dozens in an attack that raised fears of communal violence.

2007 - A Garuda Airlines Boeing 737-400 burst into flames after careening off a runway in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta on Java island, killing at least 21 people. Investigators said the jetliner’s front wheels had snapped off as it touched down.

2008 - The Russian-backed region of Abkhazia appeals to the world community to recognize it as independent from Georgia, citing Kosovo as a precedent.

2010 - Iraqis defy insurgents who lob hand grenades at voters and bomb a polling station in an attempt to intimidate those taking part in elections that will determine whether their country can overcome deep sectarian divides as U.S. forces prepare to leave.

2013 - The U.N. Security Council votes unanimously for tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, and a furious Pyongyang threatens a nuclear strike against the U.S.

2014 — Hard-line militants turn Syria’s devastated eastern city of Raqqa into the nucleus of their vision for the Islamic caliphate they hope to establish in Syria and Iraq.

Today’s Birthdays:

Allessandro Manzoni, Italian author (1785-1873); Sir John Herschel, English astronomer (1792-1871); Thomas Masaryk, Czech statesman (1850-1937); Maurice Ravel, French composer (1875-1937); Anna Magnani, Italian actress (1908-1973); Willard Scott, U.S. weatherman for the “Today” show, (1934--); Michael Eisner, U.S. chairman, Walt Disney Co. (1942--); Rachel Weisz, British actress (1971--).

Thought For Today:

If you’re not feeling good about you, what you’re wearing outside doesn’t mean a thing — Leontyne Price, American opera singer (1927-).

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