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Mussolini’s Last Home For Sale

May 5, 1992

ROME (AP) _ Wanted: a buyer for the last home of dictator Benito Mussolini. Italians need not apply.

The home is Villa Feltrinelli, the 19th-century mansion where Mussolini lived from 1943-45 when he headed a puppet government at Salo, northern Italy.

Its owners, identified in news reports as the Regalini family from the northern city of Brescia, have placed advertisements to sell the mansion in The New York Times and newspapers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Hong Kong, according to Italian press reports.

They are seeking $5.9 million and a non-Italian owner, said Elio Grandi, an official with the Washington-based Italian Industries Association, which is handling the sale.

″They are ... afraid of terrorists and kidnappers, and they don’t want people talking about them too much,″ Grandi was quoted as telling the Rome daily La Repubblica.

Asked about the placement of ads for the house in non-Italian newspapers, Grandi was quoted as telling the paper: ″Italians can not buy it.″

The ad promises a furnished mansion ″with historic importance,″ including ″the bed on which ‘Il Duce’ slept.″

It has 16 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a billiard room, a bomb shelter built for Mussolini and six acres of landscaped gardens. Two smaller buildings are included with the estate, which overlooks Lake Garda.

The ad suggests the mansion could be a ″home away from home″ for non- profit groups, academic organizations or serve as a private medical clinic.

Mussolini founded the puppet Italian Social Republic in German-occupied northern Italy after the collapse of fascism and his rescue by German soldiers from a prison in central Italy. He was killed by Italian partisans in 1945.

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