The bets are on: Donald Trump favorite to win re-election in 2020 at 7-5 odds

December 7, 2018

Politics, like sports, continues to attract wagers.

“Donald Trump is the favorite to win in 2020 at 7-5 odds (+140), meaning, a $100 bet would profit $140 if Trump wins,” reports Dave Mason, the Sportsbook brand manager for BetOnline.ag, a very active online outlet.

A newcomer has also caught the betting public’s fancy for White House hopefuls.

“Beto O’Rourke, at 10-1, has become one of the most popular bets since the midterms with the fourth highest bet count and catching steam,” Mr. Mason said.

“Action is also pouring in on former Vice President Joe Biden,” he continued, citing Mr. Biden’s recent claim that he was the most “qualified” person to be president these days.

Following that comment, Mr. Biden’s 2020 presidential possibilities improved from 16-1 to 12-1, and “he has received the third highest bet count behind Donald Trump and Kamala Harris,” according to Mr. Mason.

“Should Biden win the 2020 election, a $100 bet would profit $1,200,” he explained.

Oddsmakers even monitor the media for betting possibilities.

“Will Jim Acosta get his White House press pass back before 2019?” asked online betting house Bovada, at the height of the CNN reporter’s spat with the White House last month.

“The money is heavily on a yes for Acosta to have his credentials re-instated,” chief oddsmaker Pat Morrow correctly predicted at the time.

His group had also posted odds on the midterm election and the selection of a new U.S. attorney general.

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