Deep-state environmentalism

January 3, 2019

There is a group of people operating within our society, a religious subculture of sorts, who are willing to do whatever it takes to save this planet from the human race and the impacts of industrialization. To be worried about global warming is understandable, and to be alarmed with the degradation of the Earth’s oceans and its atmosphere is justifiable. But to what extent should those of us who are most concerned be able to force their will upon those of us who are least concerned — especially when you consider the benefits of industrialization that we all enjoy together? Must might once again become right?

With world populations exploding, a group of scientists, wealthy bankers and businessmen and political power-brokers have taken things into their own hands. They have formed a worldwide alliance by forging agreements between the nations. Central to this pseudo-altruistic ideology is a litany of concepts and actions that are designed to limit individual freedoms by condensing societies into urban population centers, inhibit and/or destroy potential resistance and relegate the control of natural resources to the alliance. Over time, huge areas of the Earth’s surface, including much of the American West (and the minerals beneath) will be set aside as “wildlife corridors,” to be controlled by this alliance for the greater good of the human race. To me, that seems a little extreme.

“Agenda 21” (Google it) is a United Nations agreement that establishes a course of action that the participating governments of the world are willing to pursue over the next 50 years and longer. It originated during Clinton’s administration and includes concepts such as sustainable growth and the preservation of bio-diversity. Social engineering is the precursor and in this country the liberal left is the agent of change.

Still confused about why they’re burning the Umpqua National Forest?

Todd Vaughn


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