Some tips to think about when watering your lawn

August 11, 2018

NORFOLK - With the rainfalls that took place earlier this summer, watering lawns isn’t high on everyone’s priority list.

Extension Educator for Burt County John Wilson says in the next coming days your lawn may need some water.

Wilson says in the past couple of years, there has been a new twist on efficiently and effectively watering your lawn during the hot summer months.

“It is better to water our lawns deeply and infrequently for the best water use efficiency and for plant health. For example when turf is rapidly growing and water demands are high, it is much more efficient, and better for the turf, to apply one inch of water in a single application once a week than a quarter inch of water every other day... or an eighth of an inch every day” Wilson said.

He says the water will soak deeper in the soil which encourages deeper rooting and the evaporation losses will be less so more of the water goes to the plant.

Wilson says always error on the dry side when it comes to irrigating your lawn, not only will the turf perform better, but you’ll also reduce your overall water use and save on your water bill.

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