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Teen Accused of Threatening Coach

March 28, 1998

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) _ A high school senior has been accused of threatening to kill his baseball coach in a suburb near the community where three children died in a December school shooing.

Grant Gagnon, 18, of Forestview Cove, was charged Friday with terroristic threatening, a misdemeanor.

He allegedly told several classmates at Lone Oak High School he ``would kill Coach (Jim) Mizell and make it look like an accident,″ according to the arrest warrant.

Lone Oak is southwest of Paducah, not far from West Paducah, where an 11-year-old boy allegedly threatened to take a gun to Heath Elementary School last week and shoot people who were harassing him. The boy faces juvenile charges.

The elementary school is across the road from Heath High School, where three students were killed and five were wounded in December when a student allegedly opened fire with a pistol on a prayer meeting.

``There have been too many school shootings of late,″ Circuit Judge Jeff Hines wrote in the bail section of Gagnon’s warrant, just days after the gunfire at Jonesboro, Ark., that killed four children and a teacher.

Gagnon was released late Friday after posting $2,500 bail.

Deputies said Gagnon, who played first base, became upset when he was told he would not be a starter on this year’s baseball squad.

McCracken County Sheriff Frank Augustus said he would arrest anyone who threatens school personnel.

``This is ridiculous. These threats that we get, we’re going to charge the people with whatever we can,″ Augustus said late Friday. ``Terroristic threats or whatever we can prove, regardless of their age.″

Gagnon said he understood why he was arrested, but protested that what he said about Mizell was a joke.

``I didn’t intend to do anything like I said,″ Gagnon said. ``He (Mizell) won’t play me. This stuff about killing him, I was just joking. I don’t have a gun or anything.

``I guess with everything that’s happening you have to watch what you say.″

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