Police charge former Hempfield Area High student with knives, air rifles in car

August 6, 2018

A former Hempfield Area High School student who had seven knives and nine air rifles and BB guns confiscated from his parked car at the school in March faces criminal charges.

Rocco P. Valore III, 18, was mailed the complaints this week filed by state police in Greensburg , according to on-line court dockets. A hearing is tentatively scheduled Sept. 7 before District Judge Mark Mansour. He is charged by state police with possession of weapons on school property and disorderly conduct.

Accordng to an affidavit filed by Trooper Timothy Farkas, staff at the school learned of the weapons on school property the morning of March 12 after hearing two students “talking about guns being inside Valore’s vehicle.”

Farkas said that Valore consented to a search of the vehicle where the knifes, air rifles and BB guns were discovered.

“Valore related that he had forgot” he had the weapons inside the car, Farkas wrote in court documents.

“Valore admitted that he usually does keep the items in the vehicle,” Farkas wrote.

After the discovery, the school district released a statement acknowledging the weapons were confiscated during “a search of an illegally parked vehicle.”

The district added that there was no indication the student intended to bring them into the school.

Superintendent Tammy Wolicki noted at the time that the then unnamed student would face school discipline for possessing weapons on school property. She declined to disclose the discipline decided by the district citing student privacy concerns.

The district’s 2017-2018 student handbook states that discipline for possession of a weapon on school property could range from in-house or out of school suspension to expulsion.

“I can tell you that student is no longer enrolled in the school district,” Wolicki said.

Valore could not be reached for comment. An attorney was not listed in court documents.

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