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O.J. Trial Judge Feted With Lance’s Cookies

January 6, 1995

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ Lance Inc.’s chief executive officer didn’t expect a reply when he sent two boxes of assorted Lance cookies and crackers to Superior Court Judge Lance Ito.

``I just thought he had a tough job and would enjoy a little laugh,″ Bill Disher said of the judge presiding over the O.J. Simpson trial in Los Angeles.

But Disher received a letter from Ito a few days after Christmas. Ito thanked him for the crackers and noted that his staff would enjoy them.

``The letter is very personal, and the fact that he would take time to write it shows what kind of guy he is,″ Disher said. ``I’m going to put it in my scrapbook.″

Disher sent the cookies and crackers because, he said, people named Lance tend to identify with the Charlotte-based company’s products. Ito proved him right, saying he already has bonded with the trademark.

``He said he had two Lance jars in his kitchen _ one had dog biscuits in it and the other had Atomic Fireballs (jawbreakers),″ Disher said. ``He said he’d put crackers in one of the jars and be the envy of his neighborhood.″

Lance, which employs 1,800 people in Charlotte, makes more than 150 snack food products.

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