Edgewood stadium deserves support -- Ralph and Mary Beth Tomlinson

January 5, 2019

We want to express our strong support for Edgewood High School’s athletic field plans.

Our family has a third-generation student now attending Edgewood High School. My husband, Ralph, and his brother graduated in the early 1960s. I taught Latin there for a decade. In our opinion, the student athletes of Edgewood High School should have the opportunity to play home games -- at home.

We live near a park with lights and a shelter. While not quite the same as an athletic field with lights and games, the park noise is constant, yet we appreciate that so many neighbors enjoy spending quality time with their kids playing at the park. It would be our hope that Edgewood’s neighbors would come to enjoy the sweet murmur of cheers coming from the stadium. It would be our hope that the neighborhood would come out and support the student athletes.

With the upcoming city of Madison Plan Commission meeting, we urge the commission to adopt the school’s proposal. And we urge the neighbors to appreciate all that Edgewood has to offer (from supporting local businesses to the ongoing volunteerism) and choose to support this plan.

Let there be light and let the kids play home games at Edgewood.

Ralph and Mary Beth Tomlinson, Madison

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